Crane Cams 700-0226 XR700 Points-to-Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit for Domestic 4-6-8 Cylinder Engines


Crane Cams XR700 For Domestic 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder, 8-cylinder helps to convert your points-type distributor to an electronic ignition with these Crane XR700 ignition modules. They offer increased timing accuracy and replace many Bosch, Lucas, Hitachi, and ND units. They feature an all-new status LED light for easy diagnostics and are fully potted for protection from dirt, moisture, and vibration. They’re also highly reliable and precise, with their optical trigger design, and have a more powerful signal than points-type distributors.
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Dynomax 41973 Hardware Reducer


Walker, with our worldwide OE partnerships and manufacturing facilities, possesses the technical excellence needed to meet today’s emissions control needs, while developing solutions for tomorrow’s challenges. Walker is a ‘one-stop’ convenience, offering complete engine-to-tailpipe coverage of replacement emissions control systems and components for popular domestic and import vehicles in broadmarket, performance, and commercial vehicle applications. Walker delivers optimal OE-style fit, appearance, and dependability in aftermarket emissions control parts.
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Keeping Data Safe: What Is Network Security?


Technologically savvy employees in today’s workplace rarely stop to question what is network security, but business managers, information technology specialists and corporate compliance officers should have an in-depth understanding of this area. Network security is made up of all the actions, people and policies that protect data and processes on a company’s network.Limiting access helps protect company trade secrets, ensures confidentiality for private client data and removes accidental interference in processes.User AuthenticationOne of the first shields in securing a network of any type is providing a process for authenticating users. The most common authentication is the user name and password combination. Known as one-factor authenticating, this process works because each user is provided with a unique log-on name.Most corporations have a data security team that approves requests for new user names and access changes to ensure only appropriate individuals are provided log-ons. Once approved, the user accesses the network, system or software program by entering his or her log-on and password.When additional security is desired, corporations may use a two-factor authentication approach. Not only does the user have an assigned log-in and password, but they must also enter another password obtained from a secure-token, cell-phone text or card.The codes on these devices change periodically, so they cannot be written down for later use by someone beside the user. This type of security is often utilized when employees travel and access networks via remote log-in or VPN technology.For maximum security, a company may employ both methods mentioned above and require the user to scan their finger or retina for system access. Outside of government buildings or high-tech laboratories, this level of security is not common. For most companies, biological security devices are expensive and unnecessary.Firewalls and Spy-ware ProgramsIn addition to user authentication, companies must ensure networks are shielded from outside attack. Almost perpetual internet connectivity means corporations are susceptible to interference by hackers and malware. In order to protect company and client data, corporations implement firewall programming to disallow activity not within parameters of documented processes.They also deploy programs to scan for viruses, locate malware and remove problems from computers and networks on a daily basis. Many of these jobs are run each night to ensure integrity of corporate computers.Network security is an essential part of any corporation today. The Internet and network capabilities are important business tools, but they provide a weak spot for many companies. In order to safeguard businesses, employees and clients, as well as comply with federal legislation regarding confidential information, companies need strong network security processes.

Fly Racing Kinetic RS Mesh Men’s Off-Road/Dirt Bike Motorcycle Pants – Orange/Purple / Size 40

  • All-new Zipper Lock System – exclusive zipper lock system keeps pants closed and secure
  • Ultra-durable Multi-panel 840D Nylon Construction – with lightweight Mesh-Tech construction to keep you cool in the hottest conditions
  • Asterisk Boot-tether Compliant – three-level tether eyelets for easy installation of Asterisk knee brace boot tether straps
  • Leather Heat Shield Panels with Kevlar Stitching – located on the inside of each leg for durability and heat resistance
  • Ergonomically Pre-shaped and Fully Vented Knee – generously contoured to accommodate all types of knee braces and guards while a molded air-intake system cools and protects
  • Ratcheting Fly Closure – allows for adjustability and positive closure for a secure fit
  • Adjustable Waist Belt – for maximum fit and adjustability
  • Soft-flex Protective Rubber Badging – ventilated for increased airflow, mechanically integrated
  • Stretch-rib Panels – strategically placed for flexibility where you want it most
  • Comfort Mesh Liner – ventilated mesh liner helps keep you comfortable and cool
  • Full-floating Seat – surrounded by stretch-rib material, designed to move with you
  • Customizable Leg Cuff Design – low profile stretch cuffs with removable elastic band
  • Internal Pocket – located inside the waistband
  • Sublimated Graphics – allow for the highest quality in powerful detailed graphics
  • 2013 Model

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It’s a 10 Miracle Shampoo Plus Keratin, 10 Ounce


It’s a 10 Miracle Shampoo Plus Keratin restores elasticity to hair, preserves hair color, prevents breakage, protects from sun damage, locks out humidity, protects from thermal styling and keratin infused in addition to being sulfate free, sodium chloride free, paraben free… A great everyday hair product to prevent damage from everyday elements. Restores elasticity to hair preserves hair color prevents breakage protects from sun damage locks out humidity
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